March 12, 2022

And so it begins...


PWhat's up youtube!

Hah! Just had to open with that line. Y'all know what's up. Anyways, welcome. Introductions are in order. My name is Michael Quintero. I am a freelance photojournalist based in San Antonio, Texas.

But...I am first and foremost a full time SysOps Engineer for a Major Cloud Provider. I just have this love for art (music, painting, photography, film making, drawing), so I freelance on the side as a way to allow my creativity to flow.

I do contribute my photography to a couple of organizations such as MaxPreps, Dave Campbell's Texas Football and various organizations. I am free when I can choose what I wish to cover, so that's how I roll. I'll be dropping musings for my site, Texas Sport Shots, here as well as content related to the images I take.

So here we are, it's March of 2022 and it's freaking cold for a South Texas boy such as myself. So much going on in the world today. Stay vigilant though!

I'll continue blogging about various items as well as eventually adding a podcast which I will discuss in the near future as far as content.

Anyways, enough for now. I'LL BE BACK

Woodlawn Lake, San Antonio Texas 2022 Copyright Michael Quintero