Amezquita Leads the Mustangs to Trample the Rams, 48-24

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - This being the last game of the season for both teams, was very exciting. Jay commanded the ball up and down the field, but the teams put in 110%.

Let's start with the first quarter. John Jay's Danny Amezquita had a 48 yard rush with a failed 2 point conversion at the 11:31 mark. Jay's Darnell Riley had a 14 yard touchdown pass from Amezquita with a Jonathan Gonzales kick at the 4:36 mark. Marshall wasn't going to stay down, and answered with Dylan Cooper's 29 yard touchdown run and a Schay Reichwein kick at the 1:36 mark.



Moving into the second quarter, Marshall's Zane Zuniga had a 6 yard touchdown pass from Dylan Cooper with a Schay Reichwein kick at the 7:49 mark. Jay's Xadrian Huerta pushed with a 70 yard touchdown run with a failed 2-point conversion at the 5:26 mark. Not too much later, Marshall's Marcellus Davis had a 21 yard touchdown run with a Schay Reichwein kick at the 2:09 mark. The Rams Schay Reichwein finished the first half with a 35 yard field goal at the 0:00 mark.

In the second half, third quarter, the Mustangs' Xadrian Huerta ran for an 8 yard touchdown as well as picking up 2 points on the conversion at the 8:37 mark. Jay's Jonathan Gonzales kicked a 37 yard field goal at the 4:12 mark.

The last quarter saw some serious Jay offensive strength to drive home the win. John Jay's Xadrian Huerta ran for a 30 yard touchdown with a failed 2-point conversion at the 11:15 mark. Danny Amezquita rushed for a 5 yard touchdown but a failed 2-point conversion at the 2:55 mark. And the last nail on the coffin was Jay's Eric Barbosa and a 40 yard fumble return with a failed 2-point conversion at the 1:56 mark.


The John Jay Mustangs had a grand total of 477 yards for the game, of which 383 were rushing and 94 were passing. The Mustangs had 20 first downs, 3 fumbles of which 1 was a turnover, and 11 penalties costing them 90 yards.

The Marshall Rams had a total of 277 yards, 146 of which were rushing yards and 131 were passing. The Rams had 20 first downs, 2 fumbles with 2 turnovers, and 3 penalties costing them 35 yards.


John Jay ended the 2019 season 6-4 overall (5-4 in district play)

Marshall ended the 2019 season 2-8 overall (2-7 in district play)

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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