Blowout at Gus, Broncos win against the Rams, 56-6

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Friday September 13, 2019 @7:30pm. I have to start off with the stats as there were some big numbers put down. For the game, Brandeis accumulated a total of 511 yards. That's 406 yards from rushing (Jordan Battles put in 125 of those alone) and 105 yards from passing and a total of 25 first downs. Marshall, in comparison, had 328 total yards with 226 rushing yards (of which Marcellus Davis was responsible for roughly 200) and 102 passing yards with 12 first downs.



That being said, this game got heated early in the first quarter. The Broncos' Jordan Battles QB had a 31 yard touchdown but not wanting to slow the momentum, J. Nova Rangel had a 61 yard touchdown run. Battles pushed for another 10 yard and a 1 yard run in the second quarter. All extra point kicks were served fresh by the Broncos Xavier Lopez...who actually had a total of 4 points worth of kicks. Marshall's Marcellus Davis had a 97 yard touchdown run, which would be the only score added by the Rams for the game as the kick was no good.

In the second half, the scoring distance grew even greater. The Broncos J. Nova Rangel had a 15 yard run in the 3rd followed by Corion Holmes's 9 yard touchdown run. Ending the scoring were a pair of touchdown runs by Bear Wente (9 & 8 respectively). Xavier Lopez put down another pair of kicks and Cristian Najera the other two.

For the Broncos, J. Nova Rangel ended the night with 84 rushing yards, Corion Holmes with 80 yards, and Tyler Lopez with 48 yard on the higher end of rushing. Josh Suarez and Cristian Medina had 64 & 33 receiving yards, respectively.

As mentioned earlier for the Rams, Marcellus Davis had 199 rushing yards while Christopher Tobias had 56 yards on the receiving end.

Brandeis now sits at 2-0 for district play, Marshall is now 1-1.

Brandeis will see Clark at Farris stadium, 9/19 @7PM. Marshall will see Stevens at Farris on 9/20 @7PM.

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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