Brennan's Defense Held Strong Against a Mustang Stampede

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Sheesh! Brennan Homecoming game. This was a tough game for the Mustangs, as they were looking to take on the Brennan Bears and move up in the district rankings. That didn't happen. The ending score of 49-6 does however show that the 'stangs...in the very last minutes of the first half, made a dent in the bear defense with John Jay QB Danny Amezquita's 85 yard pass to Xadrian Huerta for the one and only touchdown from the Mustangs.



The Brennan offense started with Brandon Wyatt's 5 yard interception return & Jonathan Swisher extra point in the first quarter with 5:47 on the clock. Brennan's QB Jordan Flores rushed for 2 yards to grab another touchdown, with Jonathan Swisher kicking another field goal in the second quarter with 9:59 left. The bears Brandon Wyatt put Brennan down for a 33 yard interception return not even ten seconds later followed by another Jordan Flores 37 yard rush with a failed kick. Darryon Tolefree WR of the Bears decided they weren't done and ran for a 27 yard touchdown, with another Swisher extra point with 0:49 left in the first half.

In the second half, Brennan had a safety, then AJ Clay went for a 6 yard run with a failed conversion. Mr. Clay then had another 6 yard run in the 4th quarter with 3:59 left on the clock. Jonathan Swisher's extra point being the last score of game.

In district play for the third week, John Jay now sits at 1-1 and Brennan is at 2-0. Brennan meets the Taft Raiders at Farris next week 9/21 @7PM. John Jay will see O'Connor at Gus 9/19 @7PM.

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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