Broncos Crush the Panthers, 37-15

Texas High School Football - Is it #crush? Is it Whatabowl, like...officially (I haven't heard of any large sponsorships from BDT Capital)? I don't know for sure other than it being a major rivalry between Brandeis and O'Connor High Schools, but I do know that Brandeis is as of this game...5-0 in district play as a result.

This game was "crazy town" in every aspect. Farris stadium reached a record 8,393 in attendance. The parking was full, there were long lines to get in (which moved along pretty quickly), there was some serious noise laid down from both sides, and the most media folks present than I've ever seen for a district play game . It was a Texas High School Football game!

Brandeis started the scoring with a 38 yard blocked punt return by Buchanan Kaine with an Xavier Lopez extra point early in the 1Q, 10:23. O'Connor's David Dodd then had a 4 yard touchdown with an Ethan Jarman kick in the 2Q with 9:02, bringing the two to a tie.

Then in the 2Q at 2:59, Brandeis Jordan Battles had a 31 yard touchdown run with an Xavier Lopez extra point, bring the score to Brandeis 14...O'Connor 7.



Just before the half, Brandeis Mazlo Mitchell scored a 35 yard touchdown on a blocked punt return opportunity followed another extra point, courtesy of Xavier Lopez with 1:19 left on the clock.

After the spectacular half-time show (photos coming soon), Brandeis Nicholas Dominguez scored a safety in the 3Q with 7:29. O'Connor was down but not out as David Dodd had a 3 yard run in the 4Q with 3:36 on the clock. When it seemed like the momentum was building for the Panthers with the score was now Brandeis 23, O'Connor 15...Jordan Battles comes out of nowhere for a 45 yard touchdown run with an Xavier Lopez extra point and only 2:42 left on the clock. Then another Jordan Battles touchdown run, this time for 53 yard run with Xavier Lopez kicking one last extra point for the game with 1:37 left on the clock. That would finalize the scoring for the game and seal the Broncos win.

We had an injury on the Brandeis side, Mr. Alex Trevino #95. Get well soon young man.

Look...both teams poured their hearts and soul into this, as was evident in the game play. The stands were jam packed. As a journalist, I am neutral and am only there to document. There were some serious boos in the crowd from both sides, but that's expected. The Northside Independent School District has some excellent schools and has a proven track record of molding outstanding young adults who move onto doing great things. Let's be there for the kids and represent them to their fullest.


The Brandeis Broncos had a grand total of 238 yards for the game, of which 184 were rushing and 53 were passing. The Broncos had 8 first downs, 2 fumbles of which 1 was a turnover, and 4 penalties costing them 30 yards. The O'Connor Panthers had a total of 286 yards, 21 of which were rushing yards and 265 were passing. The Panthers had 13 first downs, 2 fumbles with no loss, and 5 penalties costing them 50 yards.


Brandeis is now 6-0 overall (5-0 in district play) and moves onto play Holmes at Gus stadium on 10/17 at 7PM.

O'Connor is now 4-2 overall (4-1 in district play) and moves onto play Marshall in Farris stadium on 10/17 at 7PM.

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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