Calallen Wildcats Take Out the Jourdanton Indians

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

After a long ride up to Jourdanton from the Corpus Christi area, the Calallen Wildcats ended their meet with the Jourdanton Indians on a good note with an action packed second half this past Friday at the Indian's Stadium, 56-35.


Jourdanton's Jarel Lilly on the reception. Photographer - Mike Quintero

I could hear 80s rock from both sides, with the smell of popcoorn in the air and so many fans participating on both sides, you knew you were in the right place for Friday Night Lights football in Texas.

I arrived in the second half after covering the first half of the Lytle Vs Natalia game, about 30mins north of Jourdanton. There was an energy to this field and the crowd. I worked all sides of the field to ensure I got as much coverage as possible and it was evident that the constant moving was worth it. For a little bit, both teams were answering one after another in scoring, it was crazy.

From a colleagues notes, I can offer a brief rundown of the first half, since I wasn't there, I still want to make sure this article is complete.

Jourdanton saw 3 touchdowns in the first half...1 in the 1st quarter and 2 in the 2nd quarter, where Calallen had 2 in the 2nd quarter.

Jourdanton's Colton Schuchart was on the receiving end of a 28 yd pass from Cole Andrus with a Jarel Lilly kick in 1Q.

Calallen's Jeremiah Earls, who had an outstanding night with a total of 310 rushing yds, had a 64 yd. touchdown run (extra point by Collin Kieschnick) in the 2Q. Later in the 2Q, Earls had a 1 yd touchdown (extra point by Collin Kieschnick), putting the score at 14-7, with Calallen taking the lead.

Jourdanton wasn't going to stand by without returning a Cole Andrus 1 yd touchdown then a 21 yd. Jarel Lilly touchdown reception (both with Jarel Lilly extra points), ending the 1st half with the Indians in the lead over the Wildcats, 21-14.

In the 2nd half, Calallen must have had a serious coach speech in the locker room as things got really heated.

Calallen's Hunter Groves had a 1 yd. touchdown run and right before the the 3Q ended, Justice McClure ran for a 19 yd. touchdown (extra points by Collin Kieschnick), which now had the Wildcats in the lead, running into the 4Q, 35-21.

Calallen's Terik Hickmon on his 11 yard touchdown run in the 4Q. Photographer - Mike Quintero

The 4Q was super intense on both sides. I was able to catch many pass reception shots, which I'll cover here. I did get to take some photos of the Wildcat's Mascot while I was moving around on their side. Also had a gentleman walk up to me, stare at my badge with no introduction then kinda moved away. I asked if I was good being there and he responded that he was just trying to see my name? It was Carl Padilla...I kinda froze, more on that in a bit.

Jourdanton wasn't going to go down without a fight. The Indian's Robert Miranda ran for a 2 yd. touchdown with a Jarel Lilly extra point kick.

Calallen's Hunter Groves had a 41 yd. touchdown followed by a Collin Kieschnic extra point.

So anyways, the Mr. Padilla wanted to know my name. I am much appreciative of you after I asked if I could have some hand sanitizer.

Back to the game. Then the Indian's Jarel Lilly, who had 196 yards rushing for the evening, had an 11 yd. touchdown pass from Cole Andrus with another Lilly kick. That would be the final entry of points from the Indians, with 4:40 remaining on the 4Q clock.

Calallen's Hunter Groves as he eases into the endzone on a toucdown run in the 4Q. Photographer - Mike Quintero

Calallen wanted to send this one home, so Jeremiah Earls started this nail in the coffin process with a 45 yard touchdown run (which I was happy to have been in the right place at the right time to capture, see my gallery). Then Terek Hickman with an 11 yd. touchdown and finally, Colton Calloway with a 25 yd. interception return (all three touchdowns were closed off with a Collin Kieschnick kick extar point). With 3:09 to spare, nothing more was able to be accomplished by the Indians to close the gap.

Jourdanton moves on to play Pleasanton next week and Calallen will move on to play Waco La Vega in San Marcos (neutral field)

Reporter - Mike Quintero

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