Gucci Bowl Win for the Chargers

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Texas High School Football - The 35th Gucci Bowl, pitting rivals Clark Cougars and the Churchill Chargers against each other has come to an end for the 2019 year. Churchill powered through Clark's defensive line in the first quarter, but made headway in the 2nd Quarter with Dominic Tellis and a 5 yard run, a safety and field goal in the third quarter, then Dominic Tellis made another run for an 8 yard TD with the extra point for Churchill in the 4th. The game ended with a shutout on Clark, 17-0.



Churchill's Korson Hastings passed and rushed for a combined 47 yards, with many short pass plays contributing. Folks pushing 40+ yards for Churchill were Dominic Tellis, who rushed for 94 yards. Michael Doty for 67 yards and Cameron Kelley for 47 yards as far as contributions go.

Clark's David Santos (QB) threw for 35 yards while rushing 53. Corey Govan had 37 rushing yards, contributing the the team's offensive push for the game.

The Chargers will take on the Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial Eagles at Cabaniss Field on Friday 9/6 at 7:30pm. The Clark Cougars will meet with the John Jay Mustangs next Friday, 9/6, at Gus Stadium here in San Antonio.

- Photojournalist/Reporter, Michael Quintero

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