Lots to talk about, some great changes for Texas Sport Shots!

Hey folks. I know it's been awhile since I've blog posted. Things have been crazy busy since football season. I've covered basketball and soccer, and even 7on7.

I just started podcasting and am now releasing a photobook of my most covered team this football season, the William J. Brennan High School Football Team.

Let's begin with the podcasting. I am on my second episode, now published on multiple outlets. Check me out here on Anchor, https://anchor.fm/mike-quintero

I will be going over local high school sports, and other items I find interesting.

I actually published this photobook back in 12/10/2019, but never got around to promoting it, as I was unhappy with the front page. I was also hoping to use it for an event, but it wasn't going to be here on time. Either way, here is a link for you to check it. You can order the hard copy version or you can order the PDF.


I feel like this year is going to be awesome. I will be joining the Old Coach crew as well as continuing to shoot for MaxPreps.

I will also be posting more often here, so please subscribe!

- Michael Quintero

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