Marathons, I35, and Birthday

Hey Folks! Hope all is well.

So yesterday, I drove up to Austin to cover another marathon, the Ascension Seaton Marathon. I love covering sports, which can be seen when browsing my site..lol. It wasn't as cold as it was last year. If I remember correctly, it was in the low 30s, this year was in the mid 50s. I covered the same stretch of S. 1st Street Bridge. A long stretch with a turn. Was a good experience.

Skyline view of downtown Austin from South 1st St. Bridge

I got there about 6:40am, this was the skyline which I thought was muy bien!

These events are usually slow to start, then get crazy busy as there are so many runners to catch. I typically take about 4-7k photos per leg (about 3-5 photos per runner). Of course, I can't get everyone, but we have a team of photographers per event, so you'd be dang sure we'll get them.

I also had a chance to test out some panning shots with cars, while waiting for the first runners to come through.

As this car passed, I dropped shutter speed down to 1/15, dropped ISO to 100, and stopped down to f/8. I'm going to work at covering motorsports, particularly drifting here in the Lone Star State. I took a couple of other shots, but I liked this one the most. Either way, LONE STAR DRIFT...if you are listening, I'd love to help out!

Either way, I wish I could share the official images I took of the event, with you. But my images and rights go to the company I shot for. I took the images in this article with another camera I brought with the sole purpose of grabbing artistic shots.

Now onto the I35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. First, what the law says on Slower Traffic Keep Right, https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/docs/TN/htm/TN.545.htm#545.051

Yet in my experience...there are many that for whatever reason, continue driving on the 3+ lanes of IH35 in the right lane at slower speeds and will just stay there. The truck drivers adhere to the law about trucks not being allowed in the left lane, but many non-commercial drivers don't. It's pretty frustrating and there isn't really any feasible way to enforce. I don't see this on I37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi as much or even San Antonio to Houston. So, I'm not really sure what the deal is. Just saying...

I'll close this off with some additional photos I took in Austin and also saying it's my birthday and am glad to be here. Hopefully I can continue bringing the best in photography that I am able to for as long as I'm able to! None of the photos in this article were taken on cell phones. These photos were taken on a Pro DSLR Camera that is $6k with a $1k lens, then processed on software that costs about $40 a month for subscription, then uploaded to a website that costs over $300 a year to host. Not including the fuel, computer costs, time & skills that I use. I'm not saying anything other than to please remember those facts when using my photos and the fact that I do copyright them :)

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