O'Connor and Steele, The Showdown!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Texas High School Football - Wow...just, wow! This game was absolutely bonkers from a spectator point of view. From a journalist vantage point...had quite a bit going on.

The O'Connor Panthers hosted the Steele Knights at Dub Farris stadium. If you want the outcome, it was the Knights coming out on top with 43-31 over the Panthers. If you want the details, stay tuned. It was a humid South Texas evening, but the crowd was 5000+ strong to see this contest. The first quarter went 0-0, almost like a litmus test of each others strengths and weaknesses. But once we got to the second quarter, things got lit.



O'Connor's Zion Taylor had a 2 yard touchdown and with teammate Ethan Jarman's extra point, put the score at 7-0. O'Connor attempted an on side kick, which was answered by the Knight's Christain Garza with a 49 yard touchdown, but the extra point was no good. O'Connor's David Dodd passed to Carson Jones for an 84 yard touchdown followed by another extra point from Ethan Jarman. Steele answered with a screen pass from Wyatt Begeal to Jaylon Jones for an 82 yard touchdown run, Cameron Hawk had the extra point putting 13 down on the boards. Steele's Daryn McKnight then ran for 35 yards from another pass from Wyatt Begeal, combined with Cameron Hawk's kick putting the Knights down for 20 points against O'Connors 14 points. At the end of the 2nd Quarter, O'Connor's Ethan Jarman scored a 37 yard field goal putting the score at 20-17, Steele in the lead.

After the awesome halftime shows from both schools (photos will be up very soon), the Knights restarted their aggressive offense with Wyatt Begeal's screen pass to Daryn McKnight for a 37 yard touchdown run. Cameron Hawk came in and did the work to for the extra point to bring the score to 27-17. As the opportunity presented itself, Cameron Hawk was able to close in on a 25 yard field goal for another 3 points, Steele in the lead with 30-17.

O'Connor's David Dodd rushed for 5 yards and with Ethan Jarman's kick, now have the score at 30-24, Steele in the third quarter.

Now in the fourth quarter, O'Connor's Dodd threw a 10 yard pass to John Locke for another touchdown and extra point. Steele responded ion 4 minutes of gametime passing, with a 27 yard Begeal pass to Troy Gaddis with a 2 point conversion failure. The last scoring of the game was from Steele's Daryn McKnight 78 yard touchdown run followed by Cameron Hawk's extra point, bringing the grand total to 43-31, with Steele winning the game.

There was so much going on, but this is what Texas Football is all about!

Next week, the Steele Knight's will be hosting the Reagan Rattlers at Lehnhoff Stadium 9/6/19 at 7:30pm. The O'Connor Panthers will be taking on the Holmes Huskies over at Gus Stadium on 9/7/19 at 7pm.

Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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