O'Connor Panthers keep the Holmes Huskies at bay

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Coming off a loss last week from Steele, the Panthers contested the Holmes Huskies for game 1 of district play and held the Husky offense down while racking up points, 38-0.



O'Connor's David Dodd was on fire, passing for 175 yards and rushing for 11. Carson Jones was a go to for the 1Q, where he grabbed a 78 yard pass TD then a 4 yard run TD. Sam Castillo had 25 yard pass & 2 yard run TDs in the 2Q, with Qualee Kendall making a 40 yard rush TD in the 2Q. The Panther's Ethan Jarman had an impressive 5 extra point kicks and one 11 yard field goal.

The O'Connor defense held the Huskies down to 123 total yards and only 4 first downs. They recovered 2 fumbles from Holmes as well.

On the Holmes side of the fence, QB Christopher Medelez had 100% of passing yard (total of 30) with the Huskies' Martrice Taylor being on the receiving end. Ethan Turner churned out 86 yards on 6 attempts, pushing through the O'Connor defensive line.

O'Connor, with a current [Overall record :1-1-0, District:1-0-0]...will be playing next week at Farris against the Warren Warriors [Overall record:1-1-0, District:0-1-0] 9/13 @7:30PM.

Holmes [Overall record: 0-2-0, District:0-1-0] will play at Gus against the Stevens Falcons on 9/14 @7PM [Overall record: 0-2-0, District:0-1-0]

Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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