Panthers Pounce the Mustangs, 23-12

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Friday September 20, 2019 7:00pm. The O'Connor Panthers and John Jay Mustangs had an "extended" football game, due to lightning. Play from fourth quarter was resumed the following day, where the Panthers took down the Mustangs, 23-12.



On day one, scoring started late in the first half with John Jay's Xadrian Huerta scoring a 26 yard touchdown run and failed kick, followed by an O'Connor 12 yard run by the Panther's Qualee Kendall and an Ethan Jarman kick.

After the halftime show, O'Connor scored a safety against John Jay in the third quarter. Into the fourth quarter with no further scoring, the game was postponed until the following day...same place at 4PM.

Now onto the second day continuing with the fourth quarter, O'Connor's Zion Taylor had an 8 yard touchdown run with an Ethan Jarman kick. The Panthers' David Dodd had a 34 yard pass to John Locke with an Ethan Jarman kick, with 3:43 left on the clock.

The Mustangs' QB Danny Amezquita pushed a 33 yard touchdown, with a failed conversion as the last scoring in the game with 1:05 left on the clock.


O'Connor had 265 total yards with 69 of those as rushing yards and 196 being pass yards. The Panthers had 14 first downs, 3 penalties costing 26 yards, and on fumbles.

John Jay had 218 total yards with 141 of those being rushing yards and 77 being passing yards. John Jay had 11 first downs, 5 penalties costing 30 yards, and 3 fumbles of which 2 were turnovers.

The O'Connor Panthers are now 4-0 (3-0 in district play) and will meet the Taft Raiders next week at Farris stadium. The John Jay Mustangs are 2-2 (1-2 in district play) and will contest the Holmes Huskies next week in Gus Stadium.

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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