Slim Win for Brennan Over Marshall, 35-34

Well...let me start off by saying, it was nice to be shooting a game with sunlight. Traffic was good, getting to Farris, Haha!

Marshall WR Estefan Perez pushed out by Bears DB Tyler Turner. Photo: Mike Quintero, Texas Sport Shots

With a total of 938 yards between both Marshall & Brennan, the ball was rather busy. It wasn't a blow out game, with a seventy something score. It was, how shall we say...more akin to basketball where each side answered back and forth. The two missed extra points by Marshall early in the first & in the third, would come back to haunt the Rams as the Bears ended the game, 35-34.

Bears RB Justino Escobar, earning those yards. Photo: Mike Quintero, Texas Sport Shots

In the first quarter, Marshall's Josiah Garcia (FB) started with a 5 yard touchdown run, with a failed extra point. Brennan's Jason Love (RB) had a 10 yard run with Jonathan Swisher (K) kick, putting Brennan ahead, 7-6.

Moving onto the second quarter, Brennan's Ashton Dubose (QB) connected with Chase Campbell for a 56 yard touchdown run, with a Jonathan Swisher kick. Marshall's Dylan Cooper responded with a 5 yard run and a Schay Reichwein (K) kick, ending the half with Brennan in the lead, 14-13.

Marshall Senior QB Dylan Cooper locking sights. Photo: Mike Quintero, Texas Sport Shots

After the half, I'll say...both teams must have had an eventful pep talk, cause this quarter got busy!

In the third, Marshall came out guns blazing with a Dylan Cooper (QB) pass to Anthony Conway for a 32 yard touchdown, with Schay Reichwein making the extra point.

The Bears Avron Carter came back with a 63 yard touchdown pass from Ashton Dubose, with a Jonathan Swisher kick.

The Rams Schay Reichwein was hangin' with Mr. Cooper on a 57 yard pass from Dylan Cooper for another touchdown, and the second failed extra point.

Brennan's WR Chase Campbell on a 56 yard touchdown. Photo: Mike Quintero, Texas Sport Shots

Brennan's Spells (Jalin, WR) connected with Ashton Dubose for a 45 yard touchdown, Jonathan Swisher not far behind with the extra point.

Marshall said, nope...as Dylan Cooper once again launched a 23 yard pass to Estefan Perez for their last touchdown of the game, with a conversion from Dylan Cooper to Jack Kalisky.

In the fourth, Bears WR Jalin Spells synced with QB Ashton Dubose for a 31 yard touchdown pass, and a busy Jonathan Swisher scored another extra point.

Brennan meets Harlan next Saturday at 7:30 p.m. back at Farris. Friday, Marshall will play Jay at 2 p.m. over at Gus.


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