The Bears beat the Raiders, 29-10

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Texas High School Football - At Farris Stadium, on a windy night...ah, who am I kidding. The Taft Raiders hosted the Brennan Bears at Farris this past weekend with a pretty exciting game.

In the first quarter, the action started with a 34 yard field goal from Brennan's Jonathan Swisher. Brennan's Jordan Flores (QB) was also injured and out the rest of the game, thus forth David Valera took over ran for a 2 yard touchdown, no good on the kick.

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In the second quarter, Taft's Bryan Medina kicked a 41 yard field goal putting Taft's first score down. Brennan's Darryon Tolefree then had a 14 yard pass to touchdown run with Jonathan Swisher back at it with another field goal, leaving the half at Brennan 16, Taft 3.

After the halftime show in the third quarter, Brennan's Darryon Tolefree ran for a 21 yard touchdown with a Jonathan Swisher kick (hold that thought on Mr. Swisher, cause we're not done yet). Taft's Kaleb Kraus had a touchdown from a 24 yard Zamar Malvern pass, with a field goal from Bryan Medina.

Back to Jonathan Swisher...still in the third, on the 4th down, he kicked a 34 yard field goal. And finally, in the fourth quarter, ANOTHER SWISHER FIELD GOAL OF 28 YARDS! Thus the game ends with Brennan taking the win, 29-10.


Brennan had 381 total yards with 229 of those as rushing yards and 152 being pass yards. The Bears had 22 first downs, 14 penalties costing 90 yards, and one non-turnover fumble. Taft had 185 total yards with 65 of those being rushing yards and 120 being passing yards. Taft had 8 first downs, 5 penalties costing 39 yards, and no fumbles.

The Brennan Bears are now 4-0 (3-0 in district play) and will meet the Brandeis Broncos this week at Farris stadium. The Taft Raiders are 2-2 (1-2 in district play) and will contest the O'Connor Panthers next week in Farris Stadium.

Reporter/Photojournalist - Michael Quintero

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