Being a Freelance Photojournalist, sports are a passion of mine. The competition, the strategy, and winning being the goal.

What started years ago as just taking photos of my kids playing sports, evolved into my desire to freeze time. Being a hopeless nostalgic, I've found that being a videographer and photographer to be a way to preserve those memories.

As of 2018, I have taken a turn to blog the events I cover. My photos are to be shared with the friends and family of the subject so as to cherish those vehement moments and ensure plasticity in the memories of those who feel a connection.

My shooting workflow for games, is to prioritize my "shot list" which is a list of players I'm focused on getting. It will be for editorial purposes or a the request of a parent/family member. Establishing shots next, then shoot for action coverage as much as possible. I have a documentary style of shooting, so I capitalize on spontaneity by recording unscripted & raw moments. I am a creative, so I tell a story as much as possible.

I am a media credentialed member of the National Press Photographers Association, MaxPreps, & The Old Coach and have contributed content to OK3Sports, FinisherPix, MaxPreps, and my own reporting organization, Texas Sport Shots.

My name is Michael Quintero. I run as well as I am also a Cloud Engineer (Openstack, AWS, Azure, & GCP) who loves technology as well as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. So if you'd like to chat about photography, videography, Open Source Software, cars or the like...let me know!

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